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Port angeles waterfront center

Celebrating a vibrant, welcoming destination celebrating people, history and natural environments – the core of arts, science & culture on the olympic peninsula.

48.1181° N, 123.4307° W

48.1181° N, 123.4307° W

48.1181° N, 123.4307° W

our shared values


We seek to solve problems that matter. By employing new approaches to utilizing natural resources, experiencing the arts, and honoring cultural practices, we contribute to a stronger Olympic Peninsula.  


We honor the diversity of peoples who call the Olympic Peninsula home and who make this a great place to live. We create access for all, including people of different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, physical abilities, and incomes, so that they may express themselves to their fullest potential through arts, culture and science. 


Campus spaces, programs, and activities seek to increase cooperation, interaction and exchange between generations. We value our community elders’ experiences and plan for the success of our youth’s futures. 

Lifelong learning

We inspire lifelong learning by cultivating a sense of curiosity, wonder and appreciation for the people, history and natural environments of the Olympic Peninsula, as expressed through arts, culture and science.


We celebrate the resilience of the peoples and ecosystems of the Olympic Peninsula.  We commit to helping carry on native cultures and languages. We cultivate diverse economic pathways. We inspire efforts to rethink our daily activities to live sustainably and plan for climate resilience. 

Collective Impact

We are stronger when we work together. Our ambition exceeds any one of our individual goals, and serves the community best when we keep our collaborative sights set on achieving and sustaining great things.

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All donations are currently directed to the completion of Field Arts & Events Hall at this time.

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